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Dog Sitting

One-on-One tender loving care in my home for your loving pet while you are on vacation.  Daily grooming, exercise and playtime to keep your pet happy while you are away.  Administering medication if needed.  We provide an abundance of toys and beds.

Items to bring: food & water dishes, treats, bones **VET INFORMATION

** References furnished upon request

Gentle Obedience Training

One-on-One Obedience training in your home. We address behavior, potty training,  barking, basic commands (e.g. sit, stay, come, fetch, leave it, off and heel).  I specialize in teaching your dog to be gentle and giving YOU insight into your dog’s body language.

Additional Services

  • Diet advice
  • Vet referrals
  • Breeder referrals


About Joan

Experienced Dog Trainer and Sitter

I have shown dogs for 8 years and my dogs have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in obedience with one title of being High in Trial.

I am a past president of Gold Coast Yorkshire Terrier Club and past Secretary of the Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County and a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America ( 

I have years of experience in caring for pets in my home and helping clients live more peaceably with their pets.

Dog Owner Reviews

“The trainer, Joan Willner shares a love of all breeds and is an expert in obedience.  After talking to her, I immediately wanted to start a ten week training session with her. Minne did very well in Joan’s course.  The growling stopped and now she behaves like a lady. I would highly recommend anyone considering living with a well-trained dog and looking into obedience training to contact Joan Willner.”

-Vicky, M., Delray Beach, FL (Chihuahua)

“I found someone very, very special. Joan, an experienced dog-owner with an uncommon compassion for animals and exemplary training skills, guided me through a marvelous training experience with my Yorkshire Terrier. She is a wealth of knowledge about grooming, health care of dogs, socialization of puppies and works with dogs that have problem behaviors.”

KAREN, M., NORTH FT. LAURDERDALE, FL (Yorkshire Terrier)

“Joan Willner started a 10-week training program with me and gently taught me how to avoid my Yorkshire Terrier’s aggressive behavior. We have overcome this very bad behavior and have gone on to basic obedience which is such a valuable tool to learn when you own a dog. My dog is now a pleasure to have in my home and is a loving, well-adjusted member of our family.”

-SUSAN, F., BOCA RATON, FL (Yorkshire Terrier)

“We can recommend Joan Willner as a dog trainer as we have been very pleased with the work she has done with our Maltese puppy, Bonnie. She is reliable and gentle and the most helpful in all aspects of training and is always available for advice.”


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